Grateful for small things, big things and everything in between.

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The whole LuxBox Family is very grateful for;

  1. Good Health for ourselves and for our family.
  2. Existing Clients that have been very understanding and supportive in this crisis. We encourage everyone who still have their event booked with any local vendors that to just postponed and reschedule the service instead of cancelling. Some of the local vendors use their business as a source of income to support their family.
  3. To our friends and family who has been with us through this rough times that we are experiencing as a newly launched small business in the city, they never fail to sprinkle us some sunshine and remind us that this too shall pass.

Below are just some of the heart warming ‘thank yous’ everyone has shared to us in our giveaway post in our Instagram.

Grateful for being surrounded by good friends and loving family, food and shelter, a community that supports and helps out each other, a job that is caring to its employees.


I’m grateful for God’s presence in my life. He’s everywhere and if I remember to pay attention I can see His invitation to meet me in every moment of the day. I know that it is Him who turn my mind to thoughts of gratitude. And when I’m tempted to focus only on the problems and worries and fears, I know that I’m being led away from Him. Thank You, Lord-my Saviour, my Provide, my Healer and my Everything!


I am thankful for all first line healthcare providers working long hours and going to work everyday to hep flatten the curve. You guys are heroes.


I am thankful that my friends and I are all keeping social distancing on a serious note and using other apps like house party to socialize


I am grateful for my amazing family and friends together we are keeping each other sane and looking out for one and other. I am grateful to the frontline workers who are out their working hard to solve the covid pandemic. To those making sure everyone has groceries and necessities and taking the brunt from a lot of scared folks, I am grateful for you.


Thank you so much to all the frontliners; Healthcare workers, Truck drivers, grocery workers, Lab Techs, Delivery workers and everyone else that are doing their part to help our beautiful city get through this pandemic.