List of Businesses that offers Re-usable Masks

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Hello lovely Winnipeg! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time.

Now that everyone (well hopefully everyone) is practicing social distancing by staying home. Sometimes we are left with no choice but to go out and grab those necessities and for most part we are afraid that when we set foot on that grocery store or the pharmacy that we might catch the virus but because of that our fellow Winnipeg makers in the fashion industry thought of something to help ease some of your worries.

Below are the local businesses that are crafting reusable masks for you to buy or to get for free with donations in support to other charities (see, win win)

You can get her masks by donating $15 or $20. The money you are donating are being used to buy more materials to be able to create more to donate to the local community. She will be donating to United Way of Winnipeg and Winnipeg Harvest volunteers in their Meals on Wheels Drivers.

GarmaTech is selling their reusable mask for a donation of $11.50 to be given to Red Cross Canada and HSC Covid Response Fund.

Masks can be purchased as a donation for $5. She also offers different kinds and designs from plain cool colors to lovely prints; prices are ranging from $10-$18 depending on the material and fabric used. All her masks can be purchased online through their website.

Selling reusable masks for $20

Masks are $15 also offering different patterns and designs. You can purchase extra masks for the company to giveaway for donation.

  • Little Adventure Design – @littleadventuredesigns

Selling their mask for $7 they offer different patterns and sizes.

Remember these masks are non-medical grade masks. They do not 100% protect you from the virus, these are only used as an extra precaution recommended by the CDC to be worn when going out in public to grab the NECESSITIES. Our city health guidelines must still be followed during this crisis – Stay home, Practice social distancing and wash your hands frequently.

If you know more business or even just a friend that is doing a good deed and producing masks for sale or donation and trying to get the word out, let us know and we will add them to the list!